teviotdale sessions . . . . . .

Talk not to me of brighter lands

Beyond the stormy sea,

Their streams may run with golden sands

But what are they to me.

  I care na' for the gems they boast

  Though true may be their tale,

  Give me the heather flower that blooms

  In bonnie Teviotdale.

For hearts I love beat kindly there

In sweet response to mine,

And pleasing looks from friendly eyes

Upon my pathway shine.

  I'm happy as the bird whose song

  Floats o'er the scented vale,

  And for the world I wouldna' leave

  By bonnie Teviotdale.

Perhaps if ye should come that way

You'd own at once wi' me,

The lasses are as lovely there

As eye o' man can see.

  I have a flower I ca' my ain,

  The sweetest in the vale,

  For her dear sake I'll never leave

Our bonnie Teviotdale.

by  William Tait 

Video By Ian Bell - Photographer - LINK

Bonnie Teviotdale - Lyrics